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You may be wondering how to configure jobs to send to us. Although we work mostly with whatever our clients have, we do prefer files that are ready to go. Here’s some information on how to prepare and package your files to send to us.

Please Follow These Guidelines

Print-Ready PDF

Our preferred file type!
Below are Acrobat Distiller settings you can use.

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For black and white projects, use Four-color Process settings below.

(Please Note: Image density may change a little when we convert the PDF to Grayscale. It is best to convert the images and text to Grayscale yourself, so that you can adjust levels if desired.)

 Distiller Profiles:

Native Files

We accept Adobe design applications and Microsoft applications.

List of Applications
  • Adobe InDesign (package/include IDML)
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Office documents might require conversion by us for printing.1 Provide a color proof for comparison if possible.


Don’t forget to include all assets with Native Files.

List of Assets
  • Original files, packaged if possible.
  • Include all links.
  • Includes all images.
  • Include all fonts (to avoid font substitution).
  • Include hard copy or PDF in desired colorspace.


All colors should be CMYK or PMS (spot).

More Information

All spot colors should be identified by Pantone numbers. All assets should be CMYK or spot. We would need to convert RGB files to CMYK before printing.1


Image files should be a high resolution with the correct colorspace assigned.

More Information

Image resolution should be 300 ppi or greater for best quality. Convert to CMYK, grayscale, or duotone, as desired. We would need to convert RGB images to CMYK before printing.1

File Transfers

There are a number of ways to get your files to us.

File Transfer Options

1. Unfortunately, extra processes that cause us added time may be billed to the customer upon completion of the project. We will provide notice of such work before completing.

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